About Us

The UK-Taiwan Critical Social Sciences of Sport Network seeks to further bilateral scholarship in the
social sciences of sport. It will develop a cross-disciplinary research community of established and
early career researchers (ECRs) formed around synergistic research agendas which are both
sustainable and have international significance. In so doing, this Network will further facilitate
domestic organizational coherence and wider academic-media-public engagement in the respective
countries, and raise the profile of UK and Taiwan within the international sport studies community.
Specifically, the objectives of this proposal are

  1. To promote greater mutual understanding and knowledge exchange of sport cultures in the
    respective countries.
  2. To build capacity around existing relations and synergistic research interests, and respond
    to new and emerging research agendas to create a wider and more diversified community.
  3. To establish ‘pump priming’ collaborative research projects twinning UK and Taiwan
    scholars which stimulate the field by illustrating the potential impact of international
    scholarly partnerships.
  4. To engage a broad network of UK-Taiwan researchers and lay the foundations for more
    resilient forms of organizational cooperation across the social sciences of sport.
  5. To enhance the societal impact of the social sciences of sport through more effective
    engagement with the media and public.
  6. To showcase Taiwan-UK collaborations to the international community and thus initiate
    future bilateral ventures for both UK and Taiwan scholars.
  7. To create an enduring and sustainable research network through a ring-fenced
    commitment to support ECRs, bespoke professional development opportunities, and
    access to complementary bodies of knowledge and expertise.