The Critical Sport Network will consist of five activities

Networking Events (to be confirmed, subject to Covid-19 restrictions)

January 2022 UK

Business meetings between Taiwan representatives and the elected officers of organisations representing social scientists of sport in the UK

An Open Event disseminating findings and showcasing Taiwanese social scientific research on sport (bursaries available to support attendance).

July 2022 ISSA Annual Congress (held in conjunction with European Association for Sociology of Sport) Tubingen, Germany

The Critical Sport Network will provide funds to support the conference attendance of both members of the Taiwan and UK organising teams and 12 collaborating scholars.

The conference will provide an opportunity to learn more about the Critical Sport Network and see some of the collaborative research project work being undertaken.

Here are the accomplishments shared in the conference

Sport and social memory in Taiwan: A forgotten history of Noko baseball team

Sports Research in Taiwan

UK-Taiwan Critical Sport Network

DM – UK-Taiwan Critical Social Sciences of Sport Network

November 2022, Taiwan

Business meetings between UK representatives and the elected officers of organisations representing social scientists of sport in Taiwan

An Open Event featuring presentations on research agendas in the UK social sciences of sport and showcasing the success of research collaborations through the collaborative research projects.

A bespoke event for Taiwanese PhD students and early career researchers.

Here are the accomplishments shared in the conference

Scoping Surveys

Two parallel on-line surveys (in Mandarin and English) will map the social sciences of sport in Taiwan and the UK. Surveys will gather information on the research and teaching activities of social scientists of sport. A database will be create to facilitate international networking, media and public access and provide the basis of collaborative research projects.

Collaborative research projects

The Critical Sport Network has funds to support ‘Pump priming’ collaborative research projects. These may be based upon existing research synergies, emerging issues or adventurous and innovative topics. At least 50% of funding will be offered to early career researchers.

Conference Mentoring

Members of the Critical Sport Network will offer mentoring to researchers attending the 2022 ISSA/EASS Annual Congress in Tubingen.


A series of dialogues and round table podcast discussions will be hosted on this website. These will be designed to provide introductory information for both researchers and the broader media/public in both Taiwan and the UK.


The activities of the Critical Sports Network will be publicised via our social media accounts. For me information please see (link to facebook page and any others).