About us

The Critical Sport Network is an initiative co-funded by Taiwan’s Ministry of Science and Technology and the UK’s Economic and Social Research Council. The aim of the network is to build on and develop scholarship in the social sciences of sport – both between the UK and Taiwan and within the two countries.

The Critical Sport Network is explicitly cross-disciplinary and keen to develop the work of established scholars and early career researchers and PhD students. It is built on both a recognition that there are distinct synergies and overlaps in research agendas in the respective countries and a desire to forge new and innovative areas of work

The Critical Sport Network is also designed to enhance the domestic organisational coherence of the social sciences of sport in Taiwan and the UK, improve academic-media-public engagement, and enhance the profile of UK and Taiwan within the international sports studies community.

This jointly developed programme of work consists of a series of events and activities which seek to provide answers to 4 questions:

what research capacities exist within each country?

What areas of mutual interest can best be developed for international research excellence?

How can cooperation in the social sciences of sport be more effectively developed?

What can be mutually learned to inform academic-media-public engagements?